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Washington EGL

-Washington Lolitas-
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-=+ Welcome to the Lolita Community for those that live in the general Washington State area!!+=-

This community is here for all Washington lolitas and visitors to organize meets and get to know each other. With a little help from everyone, we can have a large and happy community.

Rules for Joining:
-Please be from the Pacific Northwest Area. That includes Canada, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and maybe even Northern California
-We prefer to add people into the community with a Journal/LJ more than a month old or so, preferably with activity

Rules for Posting:
1. Please respect all members of this community.
2. One picture may be posted outside of the cut (please use reason with the size). Place multiple photos and large photos under the cut.
3. Please keep people updated on meet-ups you organize and follow through with plans.

Guide to lolita shopping, dining, clothing commissioners, and other lolita interests in Washington.

Main Moderator: maetel9
Co Moderators: pinq_couture, themugence

If you have questions, comments, suggestions, please contact us!