themugence (themugence) wrote in wa_lolis,

SakuraCon Lolita Meet-up

I got a reservation for a SakuraCon lolita brunch for Saturday at noon. The place is The Sorrento Hotel and so far I only know we can order from the breakfast menu, I will be checking about lunch as well. Website is here:
I have about 20 spots open, and any requests after those are filled can go on a waiting list for a spot. I will need a $5 refundable deposit to hold your spot, and as long as you show, you will get it back via Paypal after the convention. You will need to message me so I can give you my Paypal address to gift the payment to. If there are any fees, you will need to cover them. I need all payments by Wednesday because that is when I need to give them a final number. If you want to be on the waiting list, I will ask that you pay ahead of time so I can get the numbers in and change the reservation ASAP. +1's are fine, just remember it's a $5 deposit per person. There is a required gratuity of about 18% so please plan accordingly, you are responsible for paying your own check. After I call in on Wednesday, there will be no changes. And yes, please dress in lolita, no cosplay.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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