themugence (themugence) wrote in wa_lolis,

Swap Meet Update

Just an update about the swap meet.

We will definitely be meeting under the covered area. I've never been to that part, but I hear there's a ton of picnic tables. I'll try to arrive a little early and grab a good spot for us. I'll also being bring a sign for a gluten-free foods area.

Please don't let the weather discourage you! Please wear something that has been water-tested, bring an umbrella, and bring a jacket of some sorts. The expected forecast for today is thunder and thunderstorms starting at 10am, but should be gone and just be cloudy at noon. Starting at 1pm we expect showers for the rest of the day while may mean a light drizzle, or a mist coming and going. Certainly nothing to stop us today =) If the weather is going to scare you away and you volunteered to bring important things like plates, cups, napkins, or utensils, please let us know ASAP so someone can grab that before coming.

See you soon!

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