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Accounts Receivable

21+ Meet: The Fashionably Undead Prom!

Hello, ladies!

Halloween is fast approaching, which means all sorts of fun opportunities to dress up insanely over the top around Seattle! The Undead Prom is being held at the Sky Church at the EMP on Saturday, October 6th at 9:00. Stylists from Vain will be there to do hair and makeup, and there will be booze and a photobooth and tours, even tarot readings and voting for "Prom King and Queen"!

How fun would it be to show up as a group, decked out in OTT loli, more extreme than maybe you've ever dared before? Or even dressed to the nines in an actual costume, unrelated to lolita, and just having fun with friends? Let's do it!

You can find all the information you may need here. Tickets are $20 ($15 for members), and you can buy them here
To give people time to get ready and to let the party get started, let's plan to meet at the entrance at 9:30, so we can take some outfit photos and enter as a group :) (otherwise, we'll see you inside!).

Reminder that this is a 21+ event.

Please RSVP so we know who to look for! 


1. atomicwarplease
2. octavekitten
3. frillywitch

Also: I no longer have a Facebook account, so if anyone could create an event or link to this post on the Facebook Group page I'd really appreciate it!

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