themugence (themugence) wrote in wa_lolis,

SakuraCon Lolita Dinner

When: Saturday, April 7th @ 5pm
Where: Il Fornaio 600 Pine St (In that mall)
Meeting spot and time: 4:45pm Just inside the convention center by the entrance at Pike and 7th.

After the fallout with the other place, the dinner will now be an Il Fornaio again. This is open to all lolitas and their +1’s (if you’d like to add a +2, please go on to a waiting list so more lolitas have a chance to come). This will be a sit down dinner with separate checks. There is a table that can seat 20, and we have the option of reserving a couple extra tables to have a maximum of 30 people. It is expected that dinner will take around 2 hours, so please plan accordingly. If you need to get out a little early, you may be able to get your check before others have finished eating, no guarantees though.

The menu is here for you to view:
There are also some awesome desserts.

Guest list:
1. themugence
2. themugence's +1
3. chad_bear
4. chad_bear's +1
5. lilith4th
6. kittenlatte
7. kittenlatte's +1
8. quentin_watson
9. pinktanuki
10. pinktanuki's +1
11. ammocat
12. ammocat's +1
13. citrus_candy
14. citrus_candy's +1
15. annieduck
16. soraaheart
17. soraaheart's +1
18. artemisdiana9
19. merli
20. cidien
21. cidien's +1
22. nightserenity13
23. janaii_neko
24. janaii_neko's +1
25. lady_enchanter
26. thumbelina_11
27. catpernicus
28. catpernicus's +1
29. milk_lump
30. milk_lump's +1

If the guest list is full you can be a back-up. If people drop out of the guest list before the con, you will be first in line to take their place. +2's are behind lolitas.

Back-up list:
1. ammocat's +2
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