themugence (themugence) wrote in wa_lolis,

Imjportant SakuraCon Lolita Meet-up Update

I just found out when the fashion shows are and the meet-up time completely clashes with one. I am going to be calling tomorrow to change the reservation. I'm going to make it for 7pm Saturday night. The only other option would be Saturday lunch, but the Saturday fashion show is at 3:15 and I would hate for people to feel rushed to leave lunch to stand in line.

Also if you submitted a lolita panel, please let me know when it's at. Currently we have a lolita 101, swap-meet, and fashion show. I want to check about over-lapping in case schedule chages need to be made.

After I change the reservation, I will bring up food discussion and advertise this on EGL. Once planning is set, I will advertise this on the SakuraCon forums. The room has a capacity of 65 people, so we can be huge. +1's will be welcome. Dress will not be enforced, but you are strongly encouraged to dress lolita.
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