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Seattle, Washington Lolita Facebook Group [09 Aug 2013|05:13pm]

For those looking for the Seattle area community, we have moved to Facebook. You are more than welcome to continue using the Livejournal page, but it has become quite inactive since the Facebook group opened.

Feel free to join us here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/124098284305301/
Please be sure to read the rules and submit an application to join.
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Seattle Style Swap - July 13 - Free Kawaii Fashion Event [26 Jun 2013|11:17am]

[ mood | excited ]

Hello wa_lolis!

Style Swaps are back, and better than ever.
Featuring live DJs spinning Electronic, Jpop and much more.

DJ SakeBomb
DJ Hojo (J/K pop)
Pete Ellison

You do not want to miss this!

When: Saturday, July 13. 1-4pm.
Where: Unicorn Meat Parade
About: Japanese Fashion exchange since 2005. Bring your style and swap with others.
RSVP on Facebook and invite your friends!: https://www.facebook.com/events/413594425421113/

Event detailsCollapse )

See you there!

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SakuraCon Lolita Meet-up [25 Mar 2013|06:09pm]

I got a reservation for a SakuraCon lolita brunch for Saturday at noon. The place is The Sorrento Hotel and so far I only know we can order from the breakfast menu, I will be checking about lunch as well. Website is here: http://www.hotelsorrento.com/food-drink/hunt-club/
I have about 20 spots open, and any requests after those are filled can go on a waiting list for a spot. I will need a $5 refundable deposit to hold your spot, and as long as you show, you will get it back via Paypal after the convention. You will need to message me so I can give you my Paypal address to gift the payment to. If there are any fees, you will need to cover them. I need all payments by Wednesday because that is when I need to give them a final number. If you want to be on the waiting list, I will ask that you pay ahead of time so I can get the numbers in and change the reservation ASAP. +1's are fine, just remember it's a $5 deposit per person. There is a required gratuity of about 18% so please plan accordingly, you are responsible for paying your own check. After I call in on Wednesday, there will be no changes. And yes, please dress in lolita, no cosplay.

Please let me know if you have any questions!
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Models urgently needed for Sakura Con! [12 Mar 2013|03:40pm]

Sorry to spam, but we are still very low on models, so if you are on the fence, please sign up!! Details here: http://wa-lolis.livejournal.com/177265.html
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Sakura-Con 2013 Lolita Fashion Show - Model Application [05 Feb 2013|09:23am]

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Sakura Con 2013 [31 Jan 2013|10:32pm]


     Two of my roommates for the con have backed out rather unexpectedly, and I was wondering if perhaps any of you lovely ladies were still looking for a room? It's booked from Thursday night through Sunday morning at the Sheraton, so we're right across from the Convention Center!
     Two small things though: no smoking please, as I am dreadfully allergic, and no drinking in the hotel room, as my little sister is with me. Sorry if those are deal breakers for you guys.
     Please drop me a comment or PM me!
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Updated International Lolita Day Tea Meet [14 Nov 2012|05:28pm]

Where: Sorrento Hotel
900 Madison Street, Seattle, Washington 98104
When: December 1st, time TBD
FB Page: http://www.facebook.com/events/290579741060362/
Website: http://www.hotelsorrento.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Afternoon-Tea1.pdf
Brunch Menu: http://www.hotelsorrento.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Breakfast-Menu.pdf

Cost is $39 plus tip for afternoon tea, but there is a Brunch menu as well. I'll need to know about dietary restrictions when I make the reservation. I will also need to know a head of time whether you will be ordering afternoon tea, or from the brunch menu. Both menus are posted under the files section of the FB page.

The afternoon tea menu differs slightly from the one posted above. The cost is $39, there are two additional black teas to choose from (Assam, Darjeeling), English inspired cocktails, sparkling wines (both for additional cost).
Here's what it includes:
Assorted Sweets
Lemon tart with raspberries, Lavender shortbread,
Theo’s truffle, Macerated strawberries
Fresh Baked Lemon Scone
Walnut conserve, Huckleberry & Mascarpone Cannoli
Sandwiches & Canapés
Salted cucumber & dill, Cured tomato, Goat cheese with honey & almond, Lox & pickled onion
Coffee, Tea, or Herbal Infusion

I will be requiring a $5 per person deposit to hold your place, please send this to themugence@yahoo.com through Paypal. The deposit must be sent as a gift payment and will be refunded after the meet as long as you attend. I've already made the reservation, so after you send the payment I will update it within a weeks time to the new number. If there is no longer room, I will refund your deposit.

I will be accepting deposits until November 24th.

Let me know if you need any other info or have any questions.

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International Lolita Day Tea Party [26 Oct 2012|05:23pm]

Where: Sorrento Hotel
900 Madison Street, Seattle, Washington 98104
When: December 1st, time TBD
FB Page: http://www.facebook.com/events/290579741060362/
Website: http://www.hotelsorrento.com/food-drink/afternoon-tea/

Time is still to be decided, please give preferences. The times are 11am-2pm. When I call them again, I'll ask what allows for the most lingering.

Cost is $35 plus tip for afternoon tea, but there is a lunch menu as well. I'll need to know about dietary restrictions when I make the reservation.

I will be requiring a $5 per person deposit to hold your place. The deposit must be sent as a gift payment through Paypal and will be refunded after the meet as long as you attend. Once I get a good idea of how many people will be attending, I'll make the reservation, request the deposit, and adjust the reservation number to how many people have paid. I'll be accepting additional party member until about a week before the meet, but will be limited to what the restaurant still has available.

Let me know if you need any other info or have any questions.

Please let me know if you'd like to come, but please don't RSVP here if you already did on the FB group.

RSVP list:
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October Unicorn Meet [14 Oct 2012|10:35pm]


Halloween Unicorn Meetup

Sunday, October 28th, 2:30pm-6:30pm at The Unicorn
21+, located in Capitol Hill, on Pike & 12th

           This month dress up in your best Halloween Lolita! Gothic Lolita, Guro, Bittersweet, Dark Classic, Creepy Cute, you name it.

 To RSVP Comment here, or RSVP on the FB event. If you're under 21, but you'd like to hang out; let me know in the comments, and I will try and set it up so you can meet up with everyone after the bar. I've moved the event to the 4th Sunday so it doesn't interfere with the King Tut meet up this month, and I pushed back the start time so it works better with everyone's work schedule. 
See you all there!
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Swap Meet Update [13 Oct 2012|07:33am]

Just an update about the swap meet.

We will definitely be meeting under the covered area. I've never been to that part, but I hear there's a ton of picnic tables. I'll try to arrive a little early and grab a good spot for us. I'll also being bring a sign for a gluten-free foods area.

Please don't let the weather discourage you! Please wear something that has been water-tested, bring an umbrella, and bring a jacket of some sorts. The expected forecast for today is thunder and thunderstorms starting at 10am, but should be gone and just be cloudy at noon. Starting at 1pm we expect showers for the rest of the day while may mean a light drizzle, or a mist coming and going. Certainly nothing to stop us today =) If the weather is going to scare you away and you volunteered to bring important things like plates, cups, napkins, or utensils, please let us know ASAP so someone can grab that before coming.

See you soon!

Link to original post: http://wa-lolis.livejournal.com/174517.html
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Mourning Market, anyone? [03 Oct 2012|04:33pm]


I don't want to make it into a real meetup, as I want time to myself and will probably be wearing something more aristocratic, but I was wondering if I would be running into anyone at the Mourning Market on sunday? 
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Lolitas at the Nigtwish concert? [02 Oct 2012|04:34am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

I attended the Nightiwish concert at the Showbox Sodo and I ran into a girl who asked me if I was wearing Moi Meme Moitie ( I was wearing Chantilly's Phantom Merry-Go-Round ). Also there was another girl there who knew the brand I was wearing. So I am wondering if they are part of the online community, I am just curious about who I met there.

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King Tut Meet-up (updated) [24 Sep 2012|03:53pm]


More info under cutCollapse )
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21+ Meet: The Fashionably Undead Prom! [16 Sep 2012|10:39pm]


Well, we've got the fashionable part down...Collapse )
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Meet-up Reminder [15 Sep 2012|10:59am]

Where: The Unicorn/Narwhal 
(1118 East Pike Street)

When: Tomorrow, Sunday, 9/16, from 1pm-5pm
(And every 3rd Sunday of the month)
Who: Lolitas! 21+
(If you want to come in another J-fashion style, message me about it. Also let me know if you're bringing a +1)

What: Drinks & Brunch

Facebook Event Page:

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Swap-Meet Potluck [11 Sep 2012|06:22pm]


More info inside!Collapse )
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King Tut Meet-up! [06 Sep 2012|04:26pm]


Need some input.Collapse )
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Lolita Bar Meet [01 Sep 2012|11:37am]

A monthly meet up at the Unicorn! 

Update: will be starting on Sunday, September 16th, at 1pm
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Tuesday Night Meet-up [05 Aug 2012|07:16pm]

When: Tuesday the 7th at 5pm until whenever
Where: Yogurtland on Broadway near Pine

Lets grab some frozen yogurt and hang out and chat. The place sells frozen yogurt by the once with many flavors and topping all self-serve. We can eat there and go to the park, but be sure to RSVP so we know to expect you. See you there!

RSVP list:
1. themugence
2. jimnicricket
3. petrolvodka_gin
4. lady_enchanter (maybe)
5. octavekitten
6. atomicwarplease
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Zoo Meet-up! [30 Jul 2012|04:26pm]

Where: Woodland Park Zoo. Meeting at the rose garden by the main gate.
When: Saturday, August 25th @ 2:30pm
Website: http://www.zoo.org/

Lets do a good ol' fashion zoo meet-up. There's no limit to how many people can come, but please do RSVP so I know who to look out for. Hopefully the weather is in our favor!

RSVP List:
1. themugence
2. themugence's +1
3. octavekitten (hopefully)
4. windbourne
5. windbourne's +1
6. lady_enchanter
7. pinktanuki
8. pinktanuki's +1
9. kyomu
10. fawningfawn
11. FB: Ayu Rage
12. FB: Ayu Rage's +1
13. angelcj
14. angelcj's +1
15. chad_bear
16. ilumiari
17. roliloliloli
18. roliloliloli's +1
19. sweetvibetime
20. sweetvibetime's +1
21. catpernicus
22. thumbelina_11 (maybe)
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