themugence (themugence) wrote in wa_lolis,

King Tut Meet-up (updated)

When: Sunday, October 21st @ 1pm
Cost: $32.50

Lets go visit the King Tut exhibit! Last time in North America, might as well go check it out. Please re-RSVP so we know who to look out for. We'll meet near the entance. No clue how long this will last, but maybe we can grab dinner afterwards.

I decided to not try for a group rate so I don't have to handle so much of other peoples money.

Who's going:
1. themugence
2. themugence's +1
3. metallbugg
4. metallbugg's +1
5. octavekitten
6. atomicwarplease
7. sweetvibetime
8. sweetvibetime's +1
9. basil_kun
10. lady enchanter (maybe)
11. ginger_kitty
12. catpernicus

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I'll be there! Plus a non-LJ loli friend!
Is the October Unicorn meet going to be on a different day? I thought it was supposed to be the third sunday?
Oh hm... I hope so. I went with this day since it got the best response.
Not complaining, just noticed when I looked at the calender. :)
me! also your photoshopping is genius.
Gotcha! And thanks, It was my first attempt.
Me and friend :3

Deleted comment



October 1 2012, 05:34:16 UTC 4 years ago

I will try my best to attend
So put me as a maybe ...
I might just end up leaving early

- lady enchanter
I'll be there!
I'll be there!!!
Coming with possible + 1!
Hello! Looks like I forgot to Re-rsvp when you moved the list to this updated post!
Is it still okay for me + 1 to attend?

Also, I had a question about tickets. The 1pm tickets are sold out but the 1:15 are not.
Are we planning to meet at 1 and wait for people to show up before going in more around 1:15, or am I doomed because the 1:00 tickets are sold out?
By chance are 12:45 tickets still available? I was hoping to go in at 1pm, but lets play it by ear. If you get the 1:15 ticket, try to be there a tad before 1, and maybe people will want to wait for late-comers, or maybe they'll be anxious to go in and you can meet up with us, I doubt it'll be so big and us so far in that we won't be easy to spot. They may not even hold you to the ticket time.
Alright, I snagged a 12:45 ticket. I was just worried it was like a guided tour or something and not flexible.
Thank you!