themugence (themugence) wrote in wa_lolis,

Swap-Meet Potluck

When: Saturday, October 13th @ noon
Where: Gasworks park

I've been wanting to one one of these for a while now. Lets gather at Gasworks park, I figure on the top of the little hill, or if it's wet or lightly raining we can meet under that covered area. If it is raining hard, we may have to reschedule.

For the swap meet:
Bring something to display your clothes on like a blanket or clothing rack. Try not to bring more than you can manage. You should also make price tags or keep a list of prices, and be sure to point out defects to potential buyers. Try to keep items lolita, or lolita related. Be prepared to bring cash, or do Paypal transfers on the phone for purchases. You're welcome to post what you have for sale here to get sales and trades started before the meet (mine! LolitaSwimmer).

For the pot luck:
Bring a dish to share. If there's anything you can't eat, let us know and maybe someone can accommodate you. We'll need people to bring plates, napkins, and utensils. Post if you can bring any of those. If you know what you're bringing, let us know so we can try for variety. A horde of macarons is great and all, but maybe we could at least avoid them all being the same flavor =P

Who's coming:
1. themugence (maybe caramel apples?)
2. themugence's +1
3. souvi
4. atomicwarplease (maybe)
5. octavekitten
6. stained_doll
7. ginger_kitty (Gluten-Free brownies or GF Macaroni & Cheese)
8. ailoveai
9. maladyscarousel
10. catpernicus
11. fawningfawn
12. titaniafanel
13. stained_doll (bread, cheese, and maybe apples)
14. sweetvibetime
15. sweetvibetime's +1
16. strawberry_yura
17. kyomu (maybe breakfast cake and tea and cups)
18. basil_kun (GF spinach quiche)
19. hime_selene (tea sandwiches)
20. pastel_pegacorn (maybe)
21. angelcj

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