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Cancelled! Sakuracon Fashion Show and Model Sign Up sheet!


At the time that we planned to host this event, we did not anticipate any other lolita related fashion shows, but there are two others this year that are sure to be a blast!! And so, will be putting our focus into making the remaining events as fun as possible for all of your, rather than stretching everyone thin over so many lolita related events, especially duplicates!!  We really hope you enjoy the other events!

I am sorry to the 6 applicants who have signed up so far, it was greatly appreciated and if there ends up being a Wa-egl hosted Lolita fashion show next year, we would love to have you!

This year we will be having a fashion show to represent the many styles of Lolita (and also dandy/ouiji! Casual Lolita is included too!) and the various places the fashion can come from.

The show's setup time begins at 2pm on Sunday, April 8th. The actual show begins at 3pm and will continue until 4pm. If you are interested in strutting down the runway and showing off your style, please fill out the form below and email it to belle.sayre(at)gmail.com.

*Legal Name (as it will appear on your Sakuracon badge):
*1 (or many!) photo(s) of the outfit(s) you would like to present at the fashion show (we may select multiple if scheduling will allow you time to change into a different outfit.):
* The style(s) you consider yourself to be(Sweet, punk, classic, old school, gothic, etc):
* Please specify where your outfit or accessories (you do not have to list every item, but you may)are from (AaTP romper, vintage blouse from 1960, handmade bonnet, Metamorphose socks, etc.)
* Whether you are certain you can attend, OR are currently unsure, but would like to if possible.

(We will not post these photos or submissions anywhere. We will use them to select the clearest representations of the fashion and its styles and sub styles.)

If you may be able to participate, but are unsure, please sign up anyway!  Please state in your email that you are interested, but are not 100% certain that you will be able to be present during the time of the fashion show, we would still love to include you if you end up being able to participate!

IF YOU CHANGE YOUR COORDINATE, that's okay!  You can wait to sign up, change your coordinate, or add coordinates, up until April 1st. Some of you are still waiting on items to arrive, and cannot post photos yet. That's okay too! Feel free to sign up!

You can submit as many outfits and styles as you'd like. We'd like to get good representation of as many styles as possible and multiple runway walks is a possibility!

We will email you back with further details and answers to any questions you may have (where will we change, can my designer friend showcase their items, etc). If you simply have questions, but will not participate (my friend wants to photograph, where should he set up, etc), please PM chad_bear.

**Also, the Lolita swap meet is before the fashion show. If you would like to swap an item that you will be wearing to the fashion show, please do a hold with the other person until after the fashion show.

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